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ShapeSpark on Quest?

Hi All,

Can a ShapeSpark tour run ok on a Quest VR Headset?

If not what are my options? I would like the headset to function without a PC so we can send the headsets pre-configured out to clients.

I never tested it on a Oculus Quest. I tried a Oculus Go but the quality was not good. But I also didn’t spend much time on testing or improving. It will for sure help if you to keep the used objects simple and the texture size small. It will work but I cannot tell how good it will be or if it gonna jerk.
To run the scenes on an oculus Quest would be really nice. If you will try it please share your experience with us.

I’ve just ordered one, so should know in a few days. :slight_smile:


Hi @smartviewmediaau, if you can use shapespark on quest, let us know, I got the same question.

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So I’ve got my Oculus Quest and tested it out on a few models, I’ve also attached 2 videos from my tests last night on a new project we’re currently still working on.

This was my first attempt at using VR in this model, with no additional # options turned. Personally I think it runs pretty nicely. The triangle count of this house is very low, probably only around 100,000 at this stage due to not really having an furniture in it.

Free Movement:
In this version I enabled “#nogamepadteleport&autoplay&vrhi” which was awesome! Using the sensors on the Quest I was able to freely move around my real lounge by just walking around and have the headset automatically move me around in the ShapeSpark experience.

I would really like to workout how to teleport and freely move all in the one experience, as you can see while moving around in the real world I couldn’t explore the whole virtual house as I didn’t actually have enough real world space. ***I’ve just worked out if I look at a spot for longer enough I can teleport there, can we set it to teleport by click on a controller button like it does when not using the option to move around freely?

  1. If anyone has any suggestions for additional # tags to put at the end of the URL to help ensure that we’re getting the best visual and user experience possible while in VR I would greatly appreciate it.

  2. Is there anyway to adjust the users height while in VR mode? I felt very low in most locations.

  3. In another one of our tours we have tags for changing colors, how to do we turn this on in the VR version as the Quest comes with controllers for interacting with the environment. If it would be possible to explore future updates to include being able to see these controllers that would be awesome.

  4. We’re planning on pushing clients in the direction of the Quest & ShapeSpark tours in a big way over the next few months so any optimizations that could be done for it would be greatly appreciate.

I’ve noticed that on our other models that have higher triangle counts (1.9 million) it can be jumpy and you need to move much slower.

Lastly, on changing floors while in VR Mode, I can’t walk up and down stairs freely (I can teleport tho). Yet I can in move up and down while in a browser on PC.

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This looks really nice. I think we will give it a try, too.

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Thanks to Share! :+1:t3: I hope that you will up the entire model to know the Quest performance!
I want to be sure before to change my Odyssey glasses!

But… I’m confused! When I use the Samsum Odyssey headset I don’t need to set nothing to move arround! I Just move arround for free movement and I make my teleportation by cliking on a game pad in the controller, I can used both of them whithout any especial setting! Do you can’t make it that in Quest?

Yea it’s the same for the Quest, I worked out some of the # I was using was preventing that.

My current issues are:

  1. Not being able to move up stairs via walking in VR, unless I teleport.
  2. Working out how to turn the Bundle into an APK file for side loading on the Quest to use offline.
  3. Not being able to move down stairs in VR via teleporting or walking.

@smartviewmediaau did you check this to up/down stairs? Configure walking up and down the stairs: a short guide

Yes, the stairs work fine normally, just not in VR.