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Hi, thank you for your feedback. Mesh simplification may sometimes produce undesired results if the simplification level is too high. This can result in geometry artifacts or lightmap artifacts. However, it should not completely distort the lightmap for the entire scene. If you have identified that a specific object produces undesired artifacts when simplified, please use a custom simplification level for that object to reduce the level of simplification.

Does this distortion only happen when you choose the highest level of simplification?

Could you please share the scene and/or pictures showing the undesired behavior (via, so we could take a closer look at it.

Hi Can we request on how to update to the newest version? We only see 2.7 version when we try downloading.

Here is our account detail:

Thank you.

We’ve rolled out a bugfix release Shapespark 2.9.3 with the following changes:

  • Fixed an issue with wrong error messages when uploading scenes to the cloud.
  • Fixed an issue when removing objects in switch object extension causing them to hide in the editor.
  • Fixed issues with material picker misbehaving when used with a camera volume trigger.
  • Fixed an issue causing reflective materials to appear black on certain VR devices.
  • Fixed the inability of adding a trigger to the meeting projection screen extension.

We’ve just released Shapespark 2.9.4 with the following changes:

  • Introduced anti-tiling methods for materials. This may help the materials look more natural by avoiding visible repetition.
  • Fixed an issue with simplification causing the scene not to load. This could happen when importing a scene to Shapespark or when choosing higher levels of simplification.

We’ve just released Shapespark 2.9.5 with the following changes:

  • Modernized the dashboard user interface.
  • Fixed auto-path not finding correctly paths on certain simplified scenes.
  • Introduced filtering option in the object tree in object tab.
  • Introduced greater adjustability of the camera volume triggers for certain extensions. For HTML Label, Audio, Material Picker, Video texture Control, Meeting Projection Screen, Video Stream it is now possible to specify that upon entering or exiting the volume the extensions should either activate, deactivate or change to the other state.
  • Viewer user interface localization for the Finnish language.
  • Fixed material pickers spheres being wrongly placed in VR mode.
  • Allow adding hover callbacks using onNodeTypeHoverChanged for Anchors added through the API.
  • Fix Revit exporter not to change light names on subsequent exports during one Revit session. This caused Shapespark light settings to be lost on a scene update.

We’ve rolled out a bugfix release Shapespark 2.9.6 with the following changes:

  • Fixed an issue with non-Latin paths breaking imports, uploads, baking (introduced in 2.9.5).
  • Fixed bounding boxes for camera volumes and light probes being barely visible.
  • Fixed an issue with UVs being removed for meshes which use textures, when given mesh had multiple instances and one of them didn’t use a texture.

Today, we’ve rolled out another bugfix release. Shapespark 2.9.7 contains following fixes:

  • Fixed another issue with non-Latin paths breaking imports, uploads, baking (introduced in 2.9.5).
  • Fixed an issue with lines showing on lightmaps on some scenes imported from SketchUp.

You guys are really doing a good job! I like how Shapespark develops.

Love the new interface :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Is there a chance that at some point we can have refraction and displacement in Shapespark?

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I concur Tim, the guys here are doing great stuff, I wouldn’t mind seeing parallax map support if that is possible.

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We are very happy to announce that we have just released Shapespark 3.0.0! The new version introduces new UI and undo/redo mechanics. Below you can find the full list of changes.

  • Modernized editor interface.
  • Introduced history that allows to undo (using CTRL-Z) and redo (using CTRL-Y or CTRL-SHIFT-Z) actions done in editor.
  • Separated view mode from current editor tab.
  • Added opaque wireframe rendering mode.
  • Added new viewing modes: top, front, side, orthogonal.
  • Introduced mobile performance warning for larger scenes in editor.
  • Fixed issues with video textures on chrome, caused by power saving modes.
  • Fixed wrong behaviour when shifting views in the editor.
  • Fixed wrong placement of MaterialPicker in VR.
  • Several minor fixes in lightmap baking quality when degenerate geometry is present.
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I want you to let me drag the name of the material & object. and I want to make it easier to change the order of the view.

Can’t you let me use the previous version?

Looks Nice, improves many things.

Dark Mode?
Resize the panel?
Can you put extension on it’s own tab, I have scenes with a few hundred extensions new UI is actually harder to see things

Also I was battling to get back to the normal camera view after selecting views in the top left.

This is worse the 2.9.7. when it comes working with extensions,
attached screen shot on a 4k monitor.

Screenshot 2024-2

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Hi, thanks for the new version. Not entirely happy with the bright interface, i guess dark mode is happening some time soon. There is a BUG with orbit camera not recording “SET CURRENT”.

Also, not happy with forced updates. I am in the middle of a massive project and it just updated itself in the middle of it. Now facing issues with orbit cameras.

Is it possible to choose when to update or a downgrade?

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We’ve rolled out a bugfix release Shapespark 3.0.1 with the following changes:

  • Fixed loading issues on some scenes with custom HTML.
  • Fixed broken ‘Set current’ button for orbit and top view.
  • Fixed broken baking on scenes with invalid vertex position data.

More fixes & improvements are coming soon (including dark mode :slight_smile: ).

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We’ve released another bugfix version 3.0.2 with the following changes:

  • Fixed problem with saving state of views.
  • Fixed minor UI issues in Revit & SketchUp exporters.

I still can’t get back to the normal camera waking mode after selecting any views in the top left.

I either need to select a camera that I have previously made, if it appears in the menu, or reload the scene.
or make a start camera before using any views on the top left.

Please a bigger extensions window on its own tab…

Longer names of materials and objects make it difficult to confirm names. I hope I can confirm and drag names.

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We need a dedicated tab for extensions, perhaps a smaller font and use acronyms for types of extension, so Switch Object which takes up half the window becomes SWOBJ_ or something.

We are happy to announce that we have just released Shapespark 3.0.3.
It introduces dark mode and a lot of small fixes & improvements. Full list of changes:

  • Introduced dark mode to editor UI.
  • Moved extensions to separate tab ‘interactivity’ under ‘viewer’ tab.
  • Added walking (fpp) camera mode to view modes selector.
  • Improved UV transform: accepting negative offset & scale.
  • Improved reflections quality in shadowed areas.
  • Fixed cloned views modifications changing also original view’s state.
  • Fixed undoing of removal of items causing a change in the items position.
  • Fixed invalid colors on bright scenes when tone mapping is used.
  • Fixed aliasing of textures newly imported in the editor.
  • Fixed rare hangs during scene loading.
  • Fixed dark lines which rarely showed up on lightmaps.
  • Fixed gizmo misbehaving in orthogonal view mode.
  • Made the gizmo visible during transformations.
  • Fixed slow removal of views on scenes with large number of objects.
  • Multiple minor improvements in the UI.
  • Fixed camera volume not disappearing after removal.
  • Spawning new camera volume trigger in front of the camera.
  • Fixed issue with baking not working when temp folder path contained non-ascii characters.