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@korop, I am not sure if we’ll add advanced instructions for mobile in the near future. But we’ll for sure add the pinch in/out gesture to the basic instructions.

Thanks Wojtek,
Adding pinch in/out to the basic instructions sounds even better!

@wojtek The mobile navigation improvement is really nice. I’m wondering if you will add someday on/off gyroscopic option in mobile divices! Some clients stand in the middle of space renovation and ask me how they can move his cellphone to rotate the scene without touch the screen?


@jorgearq, thanks! This feature is under our consideration but we do not have an ETA for it yet.

One obstacle here is that in iOS 12.2 Apple disabled access to the orientation and motion sensors from webpages. This means that by default such navigation would not work out of the box, but it would require the user to change the Safari browser settings.


Yes @wojtek, you are right with this issue in iPhones but is “their problem”. 6 month ago I decided change to android because these and many issues in iOS devices. The user’s know that some of this setting need to change. Don’t stop the gyroscope implementation for them! :pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3:

+1 for the gyroscope implementation! The clients are asking for this type of navigation and it would be very natural way of experiencing Shapespark presentations.

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I think this would be a great addition as well.

We’ve just released Shapespark 1.12.1 with the following change list:

  • Allow to capture 360 panorama pictures in the editor. This feature is avaialable through the P key - the one used also for generating regular, flat screenshots.
  • Fix model import issues if some of the source textures are read-only.
  • Prevent system from entering sleep mode while Shapespark is baking.
  • Make touch navigation rotate the model also on touch-enabled desktops.
  • Fix minor camera shake when an editor viewport is clicked.

360 pictures! Excelent option :+1:t3::ok_hand:t3::grin:
Navigation rotate model on touch-entable desktops very good too!

My first 360 panorama with Shapespark. Superb!
Google Photos

Just did the update, love the photo options. Didn’t know that was currently an option for normal photos.

I just created a pano and tried to drop it straight into facebook, but it wasn’t automatically picked up as a 360 image.

Will Shapespark be adding this code in the future to enable images to be automatically picked up as a 360 image by applications like this, or will it be up to the user to edit the job to add the details for 360?

Thanks, having the panoramas automatically recognized by Facebook is great suggestion, we didn’t think about this.

It looks like additional metadata is needed for it in the JPG. We will work on adding such metadata automatically. In a mean time you can use exiftool to add such metadata manually as described here: Also for Facebook use at most 6000x3000 resolution.


Whe you inject those meta data you can also view the photo correctly in google photos and google photos support 8000x4000 resolution.
One exiftool that I use in PC and MAC is, simple and clean.
The propousal to injected the image directly in shapespark is great and I supose the implementation is very easy, I wating for the upgrade! Again I appreciate your work, well done!


In VR Mode with an Oculus Quest:

  1. I’m unable to walk up stairs, I have to teleport. Can this be adjusted somehow so it’s more natural?
  2. I’m unable to walk or teleport down stairs, once I go up I’m stuck on that floor. Any suggestions?

Thanks :slight_smile:

In VR mode stairs climbing is disabled while walking to improve performance, but it should work while using the teleport. The problem can be if there is some geometry at a head level above the stairs that will block the camera path. In such cases you may need to teleport more than once to get to the bottom of the stairs. Can you share a link to the scene that has this problem?

Hi Jan,

Here is the test model.

@Random in this scene you need to set the Walk on flag also for the ground floor, not just stairs. Otherwise if you teleport from the stairs to be above the ground floor, the teleport it not able to check the height above the ground and is not able to update it.

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We’ve just released Shapespark 1.13.0 with the following list of changes:

  • Allow to edit position and rotation of lights and light probes with a 3D gizmo.
  • Support for video textures provided as MP4 and OGV files.
  • Allow to bake a scene with selected objects not casting shadows on the surrounding objects. This enables hiding and replacing objects in the scene using the existing Hide in views option without the hidden objects leaving dark shadow spots.
  • Enable 360 panorama pictures generated in the Shapespark editor ( P key) to be recognized as 360 photos when posted on Facebook.
  • Objects in the editor’s Objects tab can now be sorted by name, as an alternative to the default sorting by size.
  • Fix incorrect Hide in views behavior in the editor. Previously, hiding objects of a selected type could have lead to hiding parts of objects of another type as well.
  • Fix texture file selection issue when the selected file is from the current scene’s textures/raw subdirectory.
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So far I just tried light position improvement and it is so much better! A lot easier and more accurate.
Is there a possibility to add a clone/duplicate light function in future? Also, group editing would be nice as well. (Editing properties for multiple lights at same time).
Thanks a lot!

Have you tried creating multiple instances of the same light (in the Instances panel of the Lights tab)? This would allow you to create multiple identical light sources, with properties like strength or size changed for all of them at once.

There is also a light naming convention which allows you to import lights from a 3D file (eg. FBX, DAE) as instances of a single Shapespark light: Any way to create lights externally (withhout sketchup)

Instances tab is exactly what I’ve been looking for.
Somehow I’ve missed it.