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Thank you! Solid update!

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I forgot to write that you need to restart Shapespark for the change to be effective (the configuration file is read only when Shapespark desktop application is started). I’ve updated my post above.

BTW, the vertex position quantization takes place when the scene is imported, baked or post-processed. So after you change vertexAccuracy for an already baked scene, it’s enough to re-run just post-processing (after restarting Shapespark).


The 2.3.2 bugfix release is out:

  • Fix numerous issues in the extension editor. Changing the extension type is no longer allowed for an existing extension.
  • Fix opening the trigger editor resetting the trigger position and requiring setting it again.
  • Fix CUDA baking artifacts appearing as solid color stains on certain polygons.
  • Fix removing the view to refresh the view list in the editor.
  • Fix texture atlasing not to break scenes containing a texture which is used both as a base color and another texture type (eg. bump).
  • Make scene cleanup remove no longer used video textures.
  • 3ds Max exporter fixes:
    • Fix export failures for models containing multiple textures with non-default Output map parameters.
    • Prevent merging a 3ds Max model into the current model from changing the Shapespark scene name suggested for the export.

can help me please about the Video stream hls? its not work for me

I’m happy to announce the release of Shapespark 2.3.3.


  • New example-room scene, prettier and more spacious.
  • Fix lightmap compression related artifacts that were present in some scenes starting from Shapespark 2.3.
  • Fix bake error for the included example-room scene.
  • Make SketchUp export tolerate broken textures. If a texture cannot be exported from SketchUp, the material is exported as solid red and the export process doesn’t fail.
  • Fix bundling scenes for self-hosting to be compatible with web servers using Brotli compression.
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We’ve just released Shapespark 2.3.4 with the following list of changes:

  • Allow to rename and make copies of scenes from the desktop application main window.
  • HTML Label extension improvements: options to center the label horizontally and vertically and to disable the HTML content padding. Animate opening and closing of the label.
  • In the orbit view zoom to the mouse/touch pointer instead of zooming to the orbit center.
  • 3D meetings: allow to select camera and microphone devices while joining a meeting.
  • Fix uploading and bundling for scenes with sky being the only texture used by the scene.
  • 3ds Max exporter fixes:
    • Fix failure for missing IES files and for non-ASCII IES filenames.
    • Fix handling of invalid texture in color channel of VRayLight material.

Hi @wojtek , could you explain more about HTML Label extension improvements please? what it is and how to apply it.


There are three new options for the HTML label extension to show the label centered on the screen, and to remove the padding (eg. if the whole label is to be filled with an image).

Plus, the label open/close is now animated - you can try it in our demo room: 3D walkthrough demo room by Shapespark

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We’ve just rolled out Shapespark 2.3.6 - a bugfix release with the following changes:

  • Fix duplicated meshes rendered black after baking. The issue was introduced in 2.3.4 by an optimization to bake only one duplicate from a set of duplicated meshes placed exactly in the same position. It turned out that such duplicates are common in user scenes, so the optimization was reverted.
  • Fix bundles not working in certain self-hosting environments.