Some ideas and thoughts

Hi guys,

I’m new to the program, is there a way to save material properties.
So if you have set up material for example for showers, that you can just import it again in the next project?
If not i would be great to see it in the next update.

I see sometimes wrong reflections in some models is there a way to avoid this i know you need to put
a light prob inside the model for the best result you should put it in the middle but would it be better to more then 1 in the same area ?

It would be nice to have the options to put in more then one material choice in the model for example that the client can choose between 4-5 types off floors inside a menu.

It would be nice to also put architect plans inside the model on the left,right,bottom ore upper corner so that you could see where you are walking.

For the forum it would be good that you make more section. Now everything is asked on the same page.
For example make sections for materials,bake options, lighting, ideas, erros, problems, finished projects,…

These are my first thought’s on the program.
But overall very nice work already.
Big thanks to the team!

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@Safirr, welcome to the forum and thank you for the feedback!

There is no way to save material properties as a library. However if you want to reuse many materials from one of your scene in another scene, you could clone your base scene to a new one. Then, when you export a model from the 3D modeling tool using the cloned scene as the target, the materials with same names as in the base scene will automatically pick the properties set in the base scene.

Adding more than 1 light probe in a room may produce more accurate reflections in some cases because it will allow different light probes to be assigned to different objects in the room. However it will not help for large objects such as floors, because one object uses information only from one light probe. You can find a more in-depth discussion in this forum topic.

Actually, such a feature has been implemented very recently and is available as the Materal picker extension in the Extensions panel of the Viewer tab. We are working on a guide for it. For now you can find more information in this forum post.