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Video meetings are now available

Hi @mateusz, a solution could be to open a table where users put our needs and at the same time vote the ones we are most interested in, so you would have a guide to focus your efforts, nothing that commits you but that helps you to make decisions.


I agree with you that it takes time to fulfill the wishes of our clients. But you can certainly participate with us in discussions for priorities.

Yes, a better render is the reason to get even more Shapespark users.
Even Twinmotion and Lumion are racing around it.
Many years back in Vray the primary light was not the Sun. Dome light with HDRI texture is used.

Get a free 1-year license until June 2, 2021.

Yes, a sort of a “wishlist” is a very good idea! Let us find the right format for this.


Thank you @mateusz,

It will be easier for you to get feedback from us if you open a new category “suggestions” .
Best regards!


Hi all. We experimented a 1,5mil triangle trade fair hall with 30 meeting participants and had zero issues with stability. All done during a fair event. Maybe 20 of them had their camera feed off though. Burned through around 15 000 usage minutes during the day but was well worth it with the successful event and positive feedback we got.


Nice. Thank you for sharing this inside :slightly_smiling_face:

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hi @Vladan , are you able to use 3dvista’s video guide option with url/iframe popups? for ex, opening a ss tour in 3dvista environment?


Hi @Kumar_H,
@ville gave a perfect idea and example of connecting spherical panoramas with Shapespark. Very useful when huge projects are in demand.


Would love to visit the scene of the fair if possible =)

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